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Bridge Game Table

Learn Bridge Game in Different Ways

Like any science, bridge card game can be learned in different ways. There are hundreds of techniques and thousands of books. Briefly: Bridge is played in four-person, pair-for-pair, on the take with a deck of 52 cards. The draw is preceded by a trade, at the end of which the trump is known, the playing pair and the number of tricks it needs to get for a positive result. It's obligatory to give the suit during the draw, in its absence trump can be not beaten.

Barr-none Bridge Club is a non-profit organization held by bridge enthusiasts. The Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer are running the bridge club. As these people are paid by English Bridge Union, everything, including charity bridge events, is provided free of charge.

Membership is for everyone who completes the appropriate contact form. There are two kinds of memberships – voting members and non-voting members. Voting members have voting rights at special committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting. Ordinary members pay no annual subscription, but do not have voting rights at any meetings.

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