How to play the Bridge Card Game?

How to Play Bridge game

Bridge is an addicting card game that rivals chess in popularity. The International Olympic Committee has long ranked this game as a sports discipline.

There are 2 types of bridge:

  • The robber type is most often used at home. The game involves 4 people.
  • Sports bridge is different in that each deal is played on several tables. The results obtained in each batch are compared with each other.
Number of players from 4 Batch time 5 to 15 minutes Game difficulty – Difficult

The Aim of the Game Bridge

The goal of each pair of players is to achieve a higher score with the same cards.

Bridge: the Rules of the Game

Players sit in pairs opposite each other. Moreover, they are located on 4 cardinal points: The judge determines which direction the North is. In team tournaments, the composition of the pairs must remain the same throughout the game. In individual horizontal bars, the rules are not so strict. Here you can change partners after each session.

Each distribution can be divided into 2 stages: trading and drawing. Applications from players are accepted clockwise.

Preparation Stage for the Game

  • When the players sit down at the table, there comes another crucial moment – the distribution of the deck. Moreover, only one participant is the dealer. How do you prepare for the game?
  • To play bridge, you need a standard deck of cards. At the beginning of the game, participants receive 13 cards.
  • The participant who deals in the rubber bridge deals the cards clockwise. He gives the first card to the person to his left. To facilitate the process, the dealer’s partner kneads the change. She will be played next. Now users who deal cards are swapped. The person on the left is designated as the dealer.
Our Author Raymond Terence
Our Author
Raymond Terence

Hello! My name is Raymond Terence. I am a bridge card game enthusiast and writer. Here I share information about how to play bridge, rules, important terms and news regarding bridge sessions and charity events that are hold from time to time.

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