Bridge Card Game Event

Barr-None Bridge Club arranges bridge sessions, which are recommended by our members of the club. We can guarantee that all our participants will enjoy playing and meeting new people. You can step into the mental battle of your own abilities! Learn how to play bridge or master your existing skills and have a chance to become a professional in an Olympic sport.

Our Bridge Club holds tournaments for both pairs and teams in open, women’s, adult and mixed categories. The other events are irregular. We only hold games on certain days or in the capacity of a charity event. All competitions are open regardless of nationality. Pairs or teams can be transnational and there is no limit on the number of participants.

Team competitions consist of individual matches played in rounds. These competitions can be classified:

  • by determining the results of an individual match;
  • by the structure of the rounds and determination of the winners.

In team competitions, unless otherwise defined by the rules of the competition, the “home team” occupies the NS line in the open room and the EW line in the closed room. In this case in the first half of the match the “guests” take their places first and in the second half – the “home team” (unless one of the teams loses the rights to the seating order in accordance with the decisions of the European Bridge League).

All in all, bridge is played by people who are united by a great desire and passion for the game. To be able to compete at a decent level, you not only have to train hard, but also have sufficient knowledge in the fields of psychology, mathematics and logic.

Like any sport, bridge has a clear classification. Victory in bridge is achieved solely through skill and is much less determined by chance than in many other sports. The most important thing is to start playing! Enjoy the game, improve, and always remember that you’re playing for fun!