The bridge game is today the only card game recognized as a sport. It exists and develops thanks to enthusiasts. A table, four chairs and a deck of cards – all you need to play bridge. Arsenal of sports equipment is not great. Another feature – the general availability. And only in bridge competitions at one table can meet a beginner and an international grandmaster.

Bridge Card Game Tournament

World Bridge Federation (WBF)

World Bridge Championships WBTC, organized by the WBF

“World Teams” or WBTC (every two years, next year, 2017)

Cup of Bermuda – since 1950

Cup of Venice – since 1974

Senior Bowl (bridge) – since 2001

World Open Team Championships WOTC

World Bridge Championship (WS) (every four years, next 2018)

World Open Knockout Teams (Cup of Rosenblum) – since 1978

World Women Knockout Teams (Cup of McConnell) – since 1994

World Senior Teams Championship (Cup of Rand) – since 1994

Mixed Swiss World Teams

Open Pairs World Championships – since 1962

World Women’s Doubles Championships – since 1962

World Hiron Trophy WHT – 1990

World Mixed Pairs Championships – since 1966

World Doubles IMP Championship since 2006

World Bridge Games at the World Mind Sports Games (every four years, next 2020)

World Masters Personal (WMP) – since 1992 Open and Women (Junior only RS 2000)

World Team Olympics WTO -1960-2004 national team competitions

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